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What did the Male Trade Show Booth say to the Female Trade Show Booth?

What did the Male Trade Show Booth say to the Female Trade Show Booth?

There was a wine-tasting for the kick-off reception at a tradeshow in Las Vegas recently. On set-up day, Barry the big trade show booth flexed his flat screen as he glanced over at Lucy the little trade show booth across the aisle. She, in turn, winked her spotlights flirtatiously. Encouraged, he decided on an opening line to impress her.  What three words did he say in an effort to break the ice?

"What’s your sign?"

Okay, I admit it. The joke is not that funny. But SIGNS are no laughing matter -- especially at trade shows. The size, color, position and content of the signs in your trade show booth will determine how effectively you attract the attention of the attendees. To create successful signage, think "billboard."

Effective billboards have bold, vibrant text and graphics – and only the best ones get noticed. What are their tricks? Compelling images and brief messaging are the secret.  So, minimize the number of words on each sign. Research shows that you only have three seconds to communicate your brand to the passer-by anyway, so keep you messaging short. Rely on a professional spokesperson to communicate the details of your features and benefits. Remember too, you’re competing with hundreds of other signs that line the aisle of the show floor. To get noticed you have to stand out! Here some signing tips:

Communicate: Be sure your signage tells the convention-goer the following:

·        Who you are

·        What you do

·        How they’ll profit or benefit from using your products/services.


Be sure you follow these rules when designing your text and graphics for the signs in your booth.

  1. Use colors that match your logo and booth design. They should catch the attention of potential clients. In most cases, avoid brown, beige, taupe, white and gray as a background.
  2. Be sure your logo and company name is at the top of your display so it can be easily seen above the heads of the crowded aisles.
  3. Eye level is "buy level." So locate your main message on your sign 60 – 72" from the floor.
  4. Choose your text carefully. Use a minimal amount of words and graphics. Tables, charts and diagrams should be saved for your website or printed on handouts.
  5. Limit your graphics to one or two large images. Using more makes your signing too "busy."
  6. State the benefits of using your company’s products or services in 3 bullet points. If you make a laundry list, no one will read or remember it.
  7. Don’t put text on the lowest 3 feet of your sign. Odds are it’ll be blocked by people, or other objects in your booth.

Remember, when it comes to trade show signs, simplicity is king and less is more. Graphics and text that attracts attention and is easy to comprehend will maximize your impact at the show.


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