Trade Show Giveaway Idea #1

July 25, 2015 07:34 AM

Here’s a great trade show giveaway idea that one of my clients uses every year at a show. After every 10-minute magic presentation that I deliver -- in which I brand the company and communicate their marketing message -- we give away an envelope to each attendee. In each envelope, I explain, are two things:

1. Important introductory information about my client’s software solutions

2. Either a brand new $1 bill or a brand new $100 bill


As we scan badges and hand out the envelopes after each presentation we can feel the excitement build as people eagerly open them. Results?  Everyone feels as though they have walked away a winner. But the real winner is my client. The combination of my interactive tradeshow magic and the envelope giveaway gives them a chance to shake hands and qualify pharmaceutical researchers and transition dozens of them to watch their software demonstration.

Consider a "Cash-in-an-Envelope" giveaway. There’s nothing to ship; everything fits in a small box; and the leftovers are easily "recycled!"


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