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The Moth and the Podiatrist

mothSo this moth walks into a podiatrist’s office and complains, "Doctor, I feel terrible. I am so depressed. I wake up every morning and look at myself in the mirror and I feel lost, confused, and disoriented. I can’t make decisions at work. I can’t relate to wife. And I don’t even know who my children are anymore."

The doctor informed him, "Moth, I’m a podiatrist. I’m not trained to treat someone with your problems. You need to see a psychiatrist. Why, on earth did you come here?

The moth replied, "Because the light was on." 

This joke was first told on national television by Norm McDonald who elongated the moth’s complaints which made the brief punch line even funnier.  But it made me think about trade show booth traffic.

What do you think is the most successful trade show marketing technique to attract crowds of prospects (who, like our moth in the joke, are often confused and disoriented on the trade show floor) to an exhibit booth?

Actually, it doesn’t take a trade show researcher to know that the answer is not the signing, the products, or the giveaways. Those are certainly important trade show exhibit marketing tools, but what really attracts passers-by to your booth are other attendees, especially crowds of attendees, standing in and around your booth. That’s right. It’s the crowds that attract crowds.ADI_2014

Does it sound like a Catch 22? It’s not. Perhaps that's why companies like Honeywell, WhereScape and HP have used a "Live Marketing" approach in their exhibit booths.

If you have a live presenter to attract a small crowd and keep them engaged, attendees walking by see the crowd and say, "Wow! Something cool must be happening there. I’m going to check it out!" And your crowd grows. And your larger crowd attracts even more people. If your presenter does two presentations per hour, you’ll get 16 crowds of prospects in an 8 hour day. When’s the last time your booth was that busy all day long?

A live presenter can bring you crowds of people around your booth, learning about your products and services comfortably as a group, and remembering your name and the features and benefits of your company. Most importantly, your staff can "cherry-pick" the best potential candidates from the crowd and engage them in conversation, qualifying them in the process.

So for your next trade show exhibit, consider a live presenter who’ll "light up" your booth, attracting crowds like a moth to a light bulb -- and get you more traffic, more leads and more business.



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