The Magic Castle Welcomes Danny Orleans and the Incredible Jan Rose

The Magic Castle Welcomes Danny Orleans and the Incredible Jan Rose
 Corportate Magic is proud to present "Danny Orleans and the Incredible Jan Rose" will be performing their unique mindreading act at Hollywood's Magic Castle from Monday, August 18 through Sunday August 24. Their intimate style will be highlighted in the Castle's special theater, "The Parlor of Prestidigitation," where they'll perform three shows nightly beginning at 10:15pm.

Their 20-minute show will feature Jan’s marvelous mind reading as she creates the illusion of telepathy. This magical duo is one of the few couples in the world who have mastered the ability to completely blur the line between reality and the impossible. Their most amazing feat? It’s all just for fun! Magic Castle guest are in for a real treat.

Show times are 10:15pm, 11:15pm and 12:30am. Entrance to the Castle is by membership only or by guest pass from a member. If you would like visit the Magic Castle, please contact Danny Orleans at least two weeks in advance at and he'll make arrangements.

If you're going to be in Southern California during the third week of August, join Jan Rose and Danny Orleans for a modern-day twist on an old vaudeville act. You’ll laugh at the Magic throughout the Castle. You’ll be amazed at the Mentalism they perform. Think about attending the performance by Danny Orleans and the Incredible Jan Rose. They’re already thinking of you!


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