KCBio2Trade show magician, Danny Orleans, drawing Biotech researchers to the exhibit booth at BIO.

Trade Show Magician


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Trade Show Magic -- The Ultimate Traffic Builder

When Trade Show Magician Danny Orleans incorporates your sales message into his magical presentation, the results will amaze you. You’ll get more traffic, more leads and more business. Tradeshow magic attracts and holds people’s attention as the name of your product or company becomes the real star of the show.


How does Danny attract traffic?

He combines information and entertainment into a well-scripted, visually stimulating, 10-minute presentation. Every 30 minutes, your booth gets another show and a new bunch of prospects, all cramming around your booth to find out why.


Communicate with Magic

Can a handful of dollars transform into hundreds? Absolutely! As it happens, he’ll explain how your customers can improve their bottom line. How do the hands on a spectator’s watch magically move backwards? Seems impossible, but it provides a perfect opportunity for Danny Orleans to emphasize the time-saving benefits of your services or products. Is it possible for a playing card, which has been previously signed by a show attendee, to travel into a small metal globe? Yes it is - and at the same time, your prospects learn about your global distribution, worldwide organization or why you’re the "best in the world" in your industry.



During the past 20 years, Danny Orleans Corporate Magic has represented companies - from startups to Fortune 500 in nearly every industry, performing at more than 25 trade shows annually including:



Appearing over 50 times at The Data Warehousing Institute since 2001 for Knightsbridge, Actian, Hewlett-Packard and WhereScape



AAPEX, SEMA, AutoZone, O'Reilly Auto Parts, Volvo-Mack, Int'l Motorsport Industry, NAPA

Appearing for Turtle Wax, NGK Spark Plugs and ExxonMobil



Drug Information Assoc, BIO, American Assoc. of Pharmaceutical Scientists and PittCon

Appearing for Datatrak, Waters, Kansas Bioscience Organization and AAI Pharma



World of Concrete, ConExpo, Homebuilders, PCAM, WindPower 

Appearing for Metso Mineral, National City Mortgage, Windquest and Honeywell Safety Products 



AAP, AUA, ACG, AAFP, AAAA, ACOG, PrimeEd, VisionSource -- Appearing for Alcon Labs, Johnson & Johnson, QDx Pathology and Greenway Medical Technologies



HIMSS, AHIMA, HFMA, AHIP, NextGen UGM -- Medical Technology Shows

Appearing for Allscripts, McKesson, Mediquant, Saince, Discovery Health Partners and Itentive


The Power of Transformation

Upgrade your trade show marketing strategy with Corporate Magic. Danny Orleans has the power to deliver your message to more people, generate more leads and transform the way people think about your company. So, long after the show ends, your corporate image will remain...like magic.