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Xtreme Bingo - An Incredible Interactive Game for Meetings and Banquets

Here's a group activity for meetings and banquets that gets a guaranteed standing ovation — every time. It can incorporate your company’s message, meeting theme, or brand. Best of all, this interactive game has a built-in surprise ending that makes everyone a winner.

Xtreme Bingo
Offering a bowl full of cash as the prize, Danny Orleans explains the rules.


Why do Companies Love Xtreme Bingo?

  • It's just 5 minutes long
  • Huge impact
  • Gets everyone on their feet
  • Can incorporate your meeting theme, brand or message

Who wins the game?

Everyone! Although every Bingo card is different, the game is fixed so everyone wins at the same time. The result? A room full of people, on their feet, yelling the name of your company. You get laughter, surprise and a perfect interactive experience to end your meeting, or segue into a break. GE Healthcare, Tennant, United Way, Tap Pharmaceutical, and Granite Transformations all won with Xtreme Bingo. You will too. Watch the video to see how Xtreme Bingo can make your next meeting a winner.

bingo_02 bingo-3

Tension builds as the audience tracks their Bingo cards. Suddenly everyone wins!