After-dinner Comedy Mindreading Act


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Your thoughts. Right. Now.

Can Jan Rose read minds? That's what everyone will be wondering after they watch her show. It's an after-dinner show filled with hilarious audience participation, baffling interactions, and how-does-she-do-it mystery. Perfect at annual dinners, holiday parties or corporate events with 30- 500 people, her mentalism performance will make people laugh out loud as they explore the boundaries of intuition, thought reading, and mind-to-mind communication.

Why do companies include Jan Rose and Danny Orleans at events?

  • Audience involvement
  • Promotes creativity and imagination
  • Stimulates after-dinner conversation
  • Fits themes of "Teamwork" and "Communication"
  • Minimal technical requirements
  • Appropriate for any audience

How does Jan Rose read minds?

Is it extreme intuition? A psychic gift? When Jan Rose demonstrates her abilities, you'll certainly be wondering, "How does she do it?" Watch video highlights or read what happens during the show:

  • A man removes a dollar bill from his pocket, and even though Jan is standing 20 feet away, she's able to divine the serial number. Danny asks the audience to silently create an addition problem. Without looking, Jan Rose determines the total.
  • A woman holds tightly to a photograph of her son, and Jan Rose stares into her eyes and reveals the child's name and birthday.
  • Three audience members secretly select the names of jungle animals which they fantasize about and, in an outrageous game where To Tell The Truth meets What's My Line, their thoughts are revealed.

Reading the Minds of Corporate America

What kind of companies bring Jan Rose and Danny Orleans to their banquets?

  • Tap Pharmaceutial utilized their mind reading talents at their awards breakfast for 300 employees of the R&D department at company headquarters on Chicago's North Shore.
  • WhereScape, one of New Zealand's largest privately held companies, requested that they entertain at their annual gathering in Portland, Oregon.
  • AmericInn, a division of Northcott Hospitality, hired Jan and Danny to emcee their annual managers' meeting in Las Vegas. They made the CEO appear by magic, engaged everyone in a game of Xtreme Bingo and performed their mentalism act at the awards dinner.

Think of Jan Rose for your next event. She's already thinking of you!