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CEO Out of the Box

Looking to put a big impact into the opening moments of your next meeting? Corporate Magic has the solution. We can make your CEO, Sales Vice-President, or any VIP magically appear out of thin air – at the moment when your sales force, customers or vendors least expect it.

vip_01 vip_02 vip_03
Magician Orleans reveals a backstage view, showing how his assitant sneaks into a box. But...


Why does Corporate America include The Appearing VIP at meetings?

  • Great way to introduce a speaker, VIP or celebrity
  • Makes people think "outside the box"
  • Its success, like many businesses, depends upon Preparation, Teamwork and Communication
  • The element of surprise captures an audience’s attention

For a Meeting Kick-off or the Big Finale

Making the CEO appear is the perfect solution when you want to kick off your meeting with a bang. Danny Orleans has made the CEOs of Tennant Company, Nektar Therapeutics, and General Growth Properties "appear" like magic. Read the brochure or watch the video to learn how easy it is to make a VIP the star of the meeting.

vip_04 vip_05
...the audience is surprised when she disappears and instead the CEO pops out!