Q: Why did the prospect cross the aisle?

Why did the prospect cross the aisle?

A: To get to the booth with the crowd.


Okay, so the riddle may not be that funny. But it is an accurate description of the way trade show attendees behave at trade shows. The fact is, conventioneers on the trade show floor (read: your potential customers) are often overwhelmed by the environment. They walk aimlessy down the aisle in search of something that's a bit different. 

If they see a crowd of people, standing, smiling, cheering in unison, they'll think, "Well that's different! What's going on? Looks like fun. Let's check this out!" 

The fact is, people enjoy being part of a crowd that is having a good time. It's natural human behavior. Think "Sporting Events" or "Broadway Theater."

How does this apply to your trade show marketing strategy? Simple. Find a way to create a crowd in your booth. That crowd will attract more prospects. And that big crowd will continue to grow and swell. Soon  you'll have that perfect opportunity  to engage the crowd all at the same time. You can clearly communicate the benefits of your products and services as you scan their badges and maximize your lead count.

What's the best way to create a crowd at your trade show booth? Contact Danny Orleans Corporate Magic. We have a few time tested strategies that work... just like magic. 




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