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Depressed moth.
So this moth walks into a podiatrist’s office and complains, “Doctor, I feel terrible. I am so depressed. I wake up every morning and look at myself in the mirror and I feel lost, confused, and disoriented. I can’t make decisions at work. I can’t relate to wife. And I don't even recognize my kids anymore!" The doctor informed him, “Moth, I’m a podiatrist. I’m not trained to treat someone with your problems. You need to see a psychiatrist. Why, on earth did you come here?
Can Trade Show Booths Talk?
There was a wine-tasting for the kick-off reception at a tradeshow in Las Vegas recently. On set-up day, Barry the big trade show booth flexed his flat screen as he glanced over at Lucy the little trade show booth across the aisle. She, in turn, winked her spotlights flirtatiously. Encouraged, he decided on an opening line to impress her. What three words did he say in an effort to break the ice?​
Prospect = Horse
May 31, 2011 02:53 AM
“I don’t get it,” the booth staffer says to me. “You attract 30 people to the booth every 30 minutes. They watch your fabulous presentation and learn about our products and company. But very few talk to me afterward or ask me about our products. What’s up with that?” I answered, “You missed my pre-show training session and you obviously don’t own a horse.” “A what?” he replied, with a very confused look on his face.
Corporate Magic Schedule Update
Incentivize your tradeshow booth staff to get results in your trade show booth
Results: 18 Article(s) Found.