Seth Kramer, Tradeshow Magician


With his wry sense of humor and lightning fast sleight of hand, Seth Kramer has been attracting crowds to trade show booths and delivering a scripted message for Corporate Magic's clients for over 20 years. He's appeared at more than a two dozen shows for:

  • Scaffolding manufacturer, Safway
  • Communications provider, Vonage Solutions
  • Lubricant manufacturer, Shell Oil

Combining the skills of a professional pitchman with his mastery of misdirection , Seth Kramer can deliver your message in way that'll make trade show attendees remember your company, your products and your services. Seth offers Corporate Magic’s clients both a close-up magic show with cards and coins as well as large-scale illusions for bigger trade show booths. Pack the booth, jam the aisles and elevate your presence when Seth Kramer "appears" at your exhibit.
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