Skip Griparis

Rock Impersonator

Skip Griparis
Skip's remarkable, high energy tour de force showcases a unique blend of precise, sidesplitting impressions; clean, insightful satire; virtuoso guitar picking; an astonishingly versatile 3 1/2 octave vocal range that sends the folks home buzzing, "What a voice! And his face looks like everyone he sounds like!"
He has headlined major comedy clubs across the country, from Dangerfield's in New York to the Ice House in Los Angeles. In his home town of Chicago, he once headlined the city's premier club, Zanies, four consecutive weeks, an achievement unmatched. A Chicago Tribune poll honored Skip as one of the top five comics in the nation. Skip Griparis is a genuine master of classic rock, pop, soul, jazz and country, so he needs no prerecorded tapes, no electronic tricks. He's more musical fun that you ever thought possible from one guy and a guitar.