Palmreader Victoria




"It's all in the palm of your hand." According to Victoria, your past, present and future can be determined by looking at your palm's lifeline, heartline and headline. No two hands are the same - and no two lives are the same. Victoria can interpret those lines with amazing accuracy. But she's as entertaining as she is amazing, experienced and versatile, Victoria's read the fortunes of the Fortune 500. She is currently the astrological columnist for the Bloomberg Business News and the in-house psychic at a Chicago area Greektown restaurant.

Her costumes are as outrageous as her personality so she can fit in with virtually any party theme from Mardi Gras to Holiday to Futuristic. Victoria can work from a small table where she'll meet individually with your guests for about 5 minutes each or stroll among your guests meeting with up to 30 people per hour. Along with palmreading, she is an expert Tarot Reader, Astrologer and coffee grind reader.