One Minute Caricature


One Minute Caricaturist


Looking for an event interactive that’s not only the talk of the party, but also becomes a souvenir? A Corporate Magic One-Minute Caricaturist may just be the answer. Each guest that poses for a one-minute caricature will receive a personalized cartoon image. Can these artists really draw your guest’s likeness in 60 seconds? That’s the question — and the challenge. And that’s what makes it so much fun to watch.

These artists are really special. As the lines are drawn, the comedy begins. Their comments are as funny as the caricatures. Your guests will join in the fun with the improvisational comedic banter, all based around the creation of their ‘toon. Whenever your guests look at their souvenir, it’ll bring a smile to their faces and reminder of your wonderful event.

Our artists can draw up to 30 black & white images per hour. You have the option to provide frames to enhance your guests’ souvenir caricatures. Click on the brochure links to see samples of the black and white and more detailed color (which take about 7 minutes to draw) caricatures.


Caricatures in Black and White


Caricatures in Color