Mind Reader

Jan Rose

Can Jan Rose read minds?

That will be the question everyone will be pondering after witnessing MindMagic, an after-dinner, cabaret style program. For groups of 50 - 500, this interactive, 45-minute show features audience participation and sophisticated humor as she demonstrates unbelievable.

Is this really possible?

A gentleman from the audience removes a dollar bill from his wallet and stares at its serial number. Standing twenty feet away, Jan Rose calls out the sequence as though she can see the digits right through his eyes.
A glass of coins is presented to a volunteer who hides a bunch of them in his hand. Although unknown by the spectator, Jan Rose instantaneously determines the exact number.
Three gentlemen join Jan Rose on stage and each thinks of the name of a jungle animal which he secretly wants to be. In an outrageous game where What's My Line meets To Tell The Truth, she reveals their thoughts.

Is Jan Rose psychic?

You decide when you witness a lady holding a photograph of her son tightly between her hands and Jan Rose, as she stares into her eyes, magically divines his name.

Yes, it all sounds impossible?

That's why Jan Rose and Danny Orleans are in such demand. They’ve performed at 10 management training seminars for Amoco. Japanese pharmaceutical manufacturer Fujisawa flew them to Colorado Springs to motivate their sales force. Tap Pharmaceutical hired them to host their R&D awards breakfast. And they’ve been called upon by Northwestern University's Kellogg Graduate School of Management to speak at their Executive Program on e-Commerce while demonstrating their talents in a program called, "Beyond The Internet."
View the video and decide for yourself: Can Jan Rose read minds?
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