Holiday Magic Shows


Magic for the Holidays

Having a company holiday party? Entertaining friends in your home? Is it time for the annual awards dinner? Are you celebrating with employees and their children in your corporate headquarters or a hotel banquet room? Corporate Magic has a special "holiday assortment" of entertainment solutions to add a touch of magic to your special event.

Merry Cranberry -- Family Entertainment

Holiday_Magic_ShowCrayons vanish from a little girl’s hand and, moments later, their vibrant colors spectacularly materialize in a blank coloring book. Yule coins glisten, as the magic man finds them behind children’s ears, noses and pigtails. Even a snow white bird makes a magical appearance from a hat held tightly by a young volunteer.

Strange occurrences? Not if you’re watching the delightful holiday magic of Danny Orleans! A favorite of Chicago area country clubs, the Winnetka Community House and Chicago business leader, Lester Crown, Danny's 45-minute show is perfect family entertainment for the holidays for audiences of 30 to 300.

To learn more about Danny Orleans' Family Magic Show, click HERE.

To see video highlights of Danny Orleans' Family Magic Show, click HERE.

Strolling Holiday Magician

Strolling_Magician_Holiday_Party For receptions, buffet dinners and holiday gatherings, have Danny Orleans mix and mingle with your guests performing magic, up-close and impossible. Performing miniature illusions with money, playing cards and jewelry, he’ll entertain groups of 4 – 8 people at a time as he circulates among your guests.

Dollar bills will transform into hundreds, a guest’s wristwatch will magically change time, and an empty matchbox will magically fill with a bar of gold. For any special holiday event, the sophisticated magic and mystery of Danny Orleans will captivate, creating a holiday season that’s sure-to-be remembered.

To learn more about of Danny Orleans’ Strolling Magic Show, click HERE.

To see video highlights of Danny Orleans' Strolling Magic Show, click HERE.

Teller of FortunesJan_Rose_Chicago_Fortune_Teller_for_Parties03

What's in store for the year ahead? Perhaps it's in the Cards! Jan Rose's interpretations are always sensitive, positive and inspiring. When your guests join Jan for a reading and the Cards are turned, exciting news will be revealed. 

Jan can sit at a table, ready for your guests to join, or she'll stroll among the party-goers sharing mini-readings. What will the cards unveil? Invite Jan Rose to your holiday event and let the foretelling begin.

Learn more about Jan Rose and her very special holiday entertainment HERE. Download the brochure HERE.

Sophisticated Magical Mindreading After-Dinner Show

2014-08-_JanDan1 Looking for after-dinner entertainment? Something sophisticated and interactive that really gets your guests involved? The Sophisticated Mindreading Act of Jan Rose and Danny Orleans is the perfect holiday entertainment solution.

Effective for intimate of groups of 30, right up to a large banquet room of 300, this mindreading team will make your guests laugh out loud as they explore the boundaries of intuition, thought-reading, and mind-to-mind communication.

They have performed at corporate events nationwide and are one of the in-demand acts for Hollywood’s Magic Castle, the invitation-only theatre in Los Angeles, "Brookledge," and New York City’s Monday Night Magic.

To learn more about Sophisticated Mindreading Show, click HERE.

To see video highlights of Sophisticated Mindreading Show, click HERE.