Digital Caricaturist

Doug Shannon


Now you can really "draw a crowd" to your booth with cutting edge caricatures to emphasize your cutting edge new products or services. Doug the Digital Caricaturist doesn't use pens or markers. Cartoon images of prospects are created on a digital tablet and projected on a large screen format of your choice -- up to a 50" plasma display!

Doug completes about 10 images per hour which he guarantees to be right on target as he captures your prospect's best features in living color, and captivates the crowd that has gathered 'round to watch the fun. This creates a golden opportunity for your staff to qualify leads.

Why are the Digital Caricatures of Doug Shannon such a perfect fit for the trade show floor? Because each image gets branded with your logo as a souvenir of the time spent at your booth. A specially designed holder for each caricature is provided for every attendee to wear around his or her neck serving as a testament to their experience in your booth.

The result? Hundreds of human billboards, all with cartoon images of themselves plus your logo walking the trade show floor.

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Caricatures in Black and White



Caricatures in Color