Danny Orleans


Comedy Magician

Danny Orleans


A diamond ring vanishes from a lady’s hand and, moments later, is found safely hooked on a key chain. A man from the audience is asked to shred tissue paper and, after rolling the pieces into a paper ball, they inexplicably become a paper hat! Finally, in an effort to give away prizes of real $100 bills to every member of the audience, the everyone is surprised by the hilarious outcome.

Is it magic? Is it comedy? Yes and Yes! It’s the clean comedy magic of Danny Orleans where the impossible becomes the hilarious and the audience members become the stars of the show.

Danny’s show is a fixture of Corporate America. He’s been called upon to entertain the IT staff of Farmer’s Insurance, medical professionals attending an annual Gastroenterology Conference and the managers of PLS Financial. He travels over 50,000 miles every year entertaining at sales meetings, receptions, trade shows and corporate banquets.

Serve up a touch of magic and loads of laughs at your next corporate banquet when you add the corporate comedy magic of Danny Orleans.