Fortune Teller

Jan Rose

FortuneTeller for the Fortune 500


Charming, attractive, sweet, sensitive. Those are the words that her clients use to describe the way Jan Rose relates to guests at receptions and special events throughout the country. They also claim she’s uncanny, amazing and very entertaining. What makes corporate executives and Fortune 500 sales forces react so favorably to Jan Rose?

     "Reading someone’s cards can be exciting, insightful and quite a personal experience," explains Ms. Rose. "Those who join me at my table are often surprised to hear just how much information the cards reveal."
It's in the Cards!
The Sun. The Magician. The Wheel of Fortune. What do these cards mean? When your guests join Jan Rose at her table for a five-minute reading, the cards are turned and their special symbols revealed. Jan deciphers their significance in the lives of your guests; her interpretations are sensitive, positive and sure-to-be remembered. 


Reading Cards Nationwide 

Jan Rose holds a degree in Psychology  and Communications and is a member of Actor’s Equity Association, and the Screen Actors Guild. For over 20 years, she has presented mystery entertainment at corporate events including Honeywell, BP and WhereScape as well as many distinctive private parties. Theatrical appearances include Hollywood’s World Famous Magic Castle, the Cabaret of Magic in Venice and the by-invitation-only theater in Los Angeles, "Brookledge."



Money? Travel Romance? Money? Travel? Romance? – Past? Present? Future? These are but a few of life’s mysteries on which the Tarot touches. Invite Fortune Teller Jan Rose to your next event and let your guests find out just what the cards have in store for them!