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Got Metrics?

June 30, 2014 12:50 AM

We get asked, "Do you have any hard metrics to justify your presence in a trade show booth?" 

Yes we do. This past spring, clients such as Moventas who exhibited at WindPower, Imagine Print MetricsSolutions who exhibited at GlobalShop, and WhereScape who exhibited at Teradata Universe in Prague included magicians from Corporate Magic in their booths. The result? Double or triple the lead count compared to previous years without a magical spokesperson.

But there are immeasurable benefits also. You are more likely to be photographed or videotaped by the show's official photographers resulting in increased exposure on the association website, magazine or daily newspaper. Additionally, the corporate magician can attract potential partners or team members.

A corporate magician adds excitement, boosting booth staff morale as your booth increases its activity. Most importantly, the interactive entertainer elevates your presence at the show and the result is better retention of your message by attendees. Years ago, Exhibit Surveys, a trade show research organization ADI_2014in New Jersey, conducted a study about booth draw effectiveness. Product demos ranked first. Trade Show magicians ranked second, proving more effective than robots, putting greens, attractive booth hostesses, coffee, and games of chance.

See a crowd crammed around a trade show booth? Odds are there's a magician in the center of the activity, entertaining as he communicates a marketing message to captivated conventioneers.




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