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Don't Bring These to a Trade Show

November 28, 2015 12:54 AM
Don't bring new shoes.

Trade shows are a big investment of your corporate resources. Don’t make the mistake of bringing these trade show no-no’s to your exhibit booth.

1. Common promotional items: Think that stress ball or branded flashlight is a great give-away? So does every other booth at the show! When it comes to premiums, seek out something that’s really different. Make sure it has value to attendees and can be branded with your logo. Oh… and be sure you get a business card or badge scan every time you give one away.

2. New shoes: Did you buy a new pair of shoes to impress the prospects? Bad idea if you’re going to be standing on your feet all day long. Those dogs will be yapping by the day’s end. Bring comfortable shoes that you’ve "broken in" that support your feet properly. Consider rubber-soled shoes with a high arch by companies like Ecco or Mephisto.

3. A handful of business cards: That’s not enough! At a national convention that lasts three days, you are going to meet and greet lots of potential customers. Always carry business cards with you, and bring at least 100 to the trade show. Be sure you get a card (and take notes on it!) for every one you give away so you can stay in touch with prospects.

4. Chairs in your booth: It’s been my experience that prospects are five times less likely to engage a booth staffer who is sitting rather than standing. If you have chairs in your booth, your staff will sit in them and they won’t be at the eye level of passers-by. Result? Fewer engagements, fewer conversations and fewer leads. If you must have seating, consider high stools to elevate your seated staff members to prospects’ eye level. Remember, eye-level is buy level!

5. An unrehearsed elevator pitch. You need to be able to tell people what your company does. You must be clear, concise and specific. Meet with your booth staff a week or two prior to clarify your current marketing message so it’s consistent throughout your company.

The combination of an interactive booth presentation, a prepared staff, great giveaways, and a lead capturing and follow-up process will guarantee more traffic, more leads and more business.



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