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Creating Inertia at your Trade Show Booth.

September 27, 2014 05:54 PM
Trade Show Inertia at work
A quiet trade show booth remains quiet. An active trade show booth remains active. This is Danny Orleans’ rule of Trade Show Booth Inertia.2014_CEDIA_-_ADI2

Certainly Johannes Kepler, 17th century mathematician and astronomer, didn’t know about trade show booths when he coined the scientific term INERTIA as is applies to moving and still objects. But when it comes to generating traffic in a trade show booth, the Law of Inertia applies. 

Perhaps this is why Fortune 500 companies hire Danny Orleans, Corporate Magician for their trade shows exhibits. Danny says, "Crowds beget crowds." Product Manager Jason Clark of ADI, one of the largest distributors of AV equipment in the country adds, "This is why Corporate Magic is so effective. It’s interactive nature, as a trade show booth activity, instantly generates a crowd. Danny keeps the booth busy all day long." 

So when you’re planning to spend thousands of dollars on a trade show booth exhibit, be sure that you include an activity – that goes beyond signage, video and contests – and activity that attracts attention, builds traffic, and generates leads. Remember, a busy booth remains busy. So learn how ADI, ExxonMobil and Honeywell use Corporate Magic to keep their booth busy and guarantee crowds by clicking HERE.






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