7 Physical Preparations for Trade Show Booth Duty

© Danny Orleans

Trade show Tips from Danny Orleans

Lesson 1 – Physical Preparations for Trade Show Booth Staff

Most professional marketing and sales people sell their services and/or products in a quiet setting where they have the undivided attention of the buyer. Trade shows are different. They are noisy, highly populated and, frequently, the competition is close by. The days are long and you’ll have face-to-face meetings and conversations with more potential customers in a day than you’ve shaken hands with all year. So prepare!

1.      Get a good night’s sleep every night. If you’re tired on the trade show floor, your skills as a salesperson will be significantly diminished.

2.      Wear comfortable shoes. Make sure NOT to wear new shoes. They should be broken in.

3.      Have a good breakfast. You’ll be more effective on the floor if you’re not hungry.

4.      Bring Ibuprofen. Even with the most comfortable shoes, your feet will hurt anyway. Dispense BEFORE your back/feet start to hurt.

5.      Minimize alcohol and caffeine. Substitute bottled water.

6.      Minimize baggage. You’ll be doing lots of walking and don’t want to be lugging heavy bags to and from the booth. Besides, storage space will be limited at the booth.

7.      Stretch in the morning and during the day to minimize foot and back pain.


Remember, being physically ready for a trade show is the first step to being mentally prepared. Give your body the sleep, food and muscular support it needs and you’ll be more likely to succeed on the trade show floor.


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